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Last update: July 2024

Welcome to Zagreb! As you explore this beautiful city, we want to ensure you have the best culinary experiences. Zagreb is home to a diverse range of restaurants, from cozy bakeries to fine dining establishments. To make your culinary journey easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best spots in town. You can download the list at the end of this post for your convenience.

From succulent burgers and pizzas to delightful sushi and Asian cuisine, our list covers a variety of tastes. We’ve also included some of the finest bakeries and cafés, Mediterranean and European cuisine spots, fine dining restaurants, fusion and international eateries, and fast casual options for a quick yet delicious meal.

Feel free to explore and enjoy the rich flavors Zagreb has to offer. Each place has been carefully selected and highly rated to ensure a great experience for you.

FLOK Recommendations Food and Drinks

We hope you have a wonderful time in Zagreb and enjoy these culinary delights as much as we do!

Happy dining!

Your FLOK team